MSP and reseller partners

Join our growing network of managed services and reseller partners.

Flexible and scalable partner model

Whether you run a top-10 cloud reseller, independent software vendor, global systems integrator or regional consulting partner; Archera's partner tiers has options to meet your practice where it is today. Providing immediate revenue & rapidly standing-up a co-sell motion that delivers on-going value to your customers as well as long-term recurring cashflows to your business.

Flexible and scalable partner model

Co-sell Archera

Archera’s freemium model allows for lightening fast deal cycles. Our team can run sales & provide on-going FinOps support on your behald OR train your organization to deliver Archera as a whitelabled solution. Our AWS Marketplace driven strategy allows you to easily capture more revenue while saving your customers money.

Co-sell Archera

De-risk commitments for your customers

MSPs, VARs, and Distributors can use Archera Insured Commitments to mitigate the risks associated with offering Reserved Instances and Savings Plan management and maintain a predictable cash flow for your business, all the while boosting your resale margins on all reservable services.

De-risk commitments for your customers

Partnership tiers

Archera offers two customizable base-programs to allow any type or size partner to quickly deliver cost-saving wins for their end-customers and generate long-term recurring revenue.

Referral tier

Most streamlined

Partner registers and introduced leads, Archera handles all customer sales and support. Best for ISVs, consultants and regional SIs.


  • Recurring Insured Commitments revenue share

  • Archera offers partner training to market and co-sell with out-of-the-box collateral

  • Archera handles customer sales, onboarding and ongoing support

  • Optional administrative partner access to end-customer Archera accounts

Co-seller tier

More customizable

Partner pitches, on-boards, and supports customers, Archera provides partner with tier-2 support. Best for MSPs, resellers and global SIs.


  • Increased recurring Insured Commitments revenue share

  • Archera offers partner training and collateral to run marketing, sales, and support motions

  • Archera offers support to partner in platform administration and billing

  • Archera offers Tier-2 end-customer support

Accelerate cloud innovation

Gain flexibility and control over your cloud costs and commitments with Archera’s free purchasing and management platform and unique financial services.


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