Forecast and plan your cloud costs and usage — free

Forecast and model your evolving cloud costs with Archera’s free cloud procurement and management platform so you can purchase AWS and Azure services more prudently, accelerate access to private pricing and negotiated discounts, and maximize your use of cloud credits.

Guide your long-term cloud purchasing strategy with a clear vision for the future

Predicting cloud costs — both the rate and usage sides of the equation — is a challenge for most organizations. Archera’s free platform goes beyond helping you predict your multicloud costs: we focus on helping you achieve your long-term targets with sophisticated scenario modeling capabilities that empower you to layer your cloud growth vision atop your 36-month forecast to build multi-year purchasing and growth strategies.

Guide your long-term cloud purchasing strategy with a clear vision for the future

Build procurement scenarios atop your 36–month cloud forecast

Generate your 36-month forecast and integrate your multicloud and SaaS services growth plans to build long-term purchasing scenarios and evaluate the cost-efficiency of different options. Build scenario models that demonstrate the forward-looking cost impact of any additional rate or usage input, including:

  • How different Savings Plan, Reserved Instances, and Insured Commitment strategies can impact your costs
  • Projected growth rates or investment spikes within any service
  • Cost optimization efforts
  • Cloud service provider (CSP) support costs
  • Purchasing services through AWS and Azure marketplaces
  • Hypothetical enterprise discount or private pricing thresholds and goals
Build procurement scenarios atop your 36–month cloud forecast

Manage your CSP credits effectively

AWS and Azure offer service and promotional credits against as a component of a number of common programs, including AWS Activate, AWS MAP, and service-specific discounts and trial programs. Credits are automatically applied to your bill to help cover costs that are associated with eligible services, until they expire or are exhausted, but tracking their consumption can be challenging. Archera enables you to:

  • Apply each of your credit packages to your current forecast to determine how long they will last given your historical usage
  • See the impact of native commitment strategies and Insured Commitments on credits use and longevity
  • Model the impact of future infrastructure projects, usage, and any other customizeable multivariate scenarios to see their impact on credit burndown
  • Identify infrastructure optimization opportunities that will help you consume credits more slowly
  • Prepare a commitment strategy that can be applied as soon as your credits expire or are exhausted to ensure you do not pay expensive on-demand prices

Accelerate private pricing negotiations

AWS and Azure offer private negotiated pricing — private pricing agreements or addendums (PPA) and enterprise discount plans (EDP) — for organizations that spend a significant amount on their services, year over year. The more accurately you can model and track your future costs and usage, the better discount you can negotiate. Archera helps you helps negotiate more favorable terms, close your private pricing contract more quickly, and track the burndown of your commitments.

Accelerate cloud innovation

Gain flexibility and control over your cloud costs and commitments with Archera’s free purchasing and management platform and unique financial services.


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