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We don’t tax your cloud spend or your cloud savings. You only pay Archera when one of our value-add products extends native capabilities and supplements your cloud ROI.

How Archera pricing works

With Archera, all core cloud procurement, commitment management, and cost optimization features are delivered via a completely-free SaaS platform that can be configured in minutes.

Archera charges only when you purchase Insured Commitments, and for optional Advanced Reporting services. Some organizations realize millions of dollars in savings across AWS and Azure using only our free platform — never paying Archera a penny!

How Archera pricing works

Pricing details

Free platform

Insured Commitments

Advanced Reporting

100% free

Archera’s complete cloud management platform is yours to use indefinitely, even if you never choose to purchase one of our value-add commitment insurance or cloud financing products.

Manage your commitments

Manage and selectively automate the lifecycle of native Reserved Instance (RI) and Savings Plan (SP) commitments to increase savings over on-demand consumption.

Maximize discounts

Secure and make the most of cloud service provider (CSP) credits, private pricing, and other discounts by modeling cost scenarios atop your spend forecast to plan and stretch the impact of your evolving cloud and SaaS services usage.

Obtain certification incentives

Accelerate your attainment of CSP accreditations and program incentives by using automated assessments to verify readiness and compliance with best practices.

Control cloud costs

Leverage multicloud and multi-service cost observability and other core cost optimization capabilities to drive your FinOps practice and validation of your cloud ROI.

Join leaders innovating in the cloud — on their terms
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Accelerate cloud innovation

Gain flexibility and control over your cloud costs and commitments with Archera’s free purchasing and management platform and unique financial services.


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