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Partners in your cloud journey
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Capacity Management

Optimize commitments across your cloud resource portfolio without losing the flexibility to address variable capacity needs

Capacity Management

Managed Services Usage

Understand cost and workload flexibility impact of migrating to managed services and containers. Use auto-tagging to attribute managed service usage to the right teams and projects.

Managed Services Usage

Server or Serverless

Make informed technical investment decisions with forecasted usage and cost benefits of existing infrastructure before re-writing your whole application as serverless.

Server or Serverless

Global expansion

Our forecasting and scenario modeling engine enables you to accurately estimate your cloud costs for new expansions, global deployments, and new product rollout. Track your actual expenditure against the approved plan. Adjust your risk exposure by selecting the best cost and risk adjusted SKU per-workload against common constraints of geography, commitment risk, and hardware requirements.

Global expansion

An Overview of AWS Instance Purchasing Options

Learn about the different ways to purchase AWS instances, from on-demand to reserved instances.

Sahil Armaan Kumar

Sahil Armaan KumarOct 21, 2021

How Container and Kubernetes Costs are Generated

Learn how costs are generated on Kubernetes and containers, and what makes attribution difficult.

Gene Volfe

Gene VolfeOct 13, 2021

How we used Tilt to accelerate our product feedback loop

Learn how the engineering team was able to find and use Tilt with our Kubernetes set up to speed up code review and accelerate integrating customer feedback in the product.

Jason Burt

Jason BurtOct 12, 2021

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