Archera Powers Your Cloud Revenue Growth

Archera's unique approach to cloud cost management focuses on helping your customers achieve and insure the best rates for AWS.

We help partners like you expand your launchpad for delivering value-add services by:

  • Automating AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews (WAFR/WAR), Foundational Technical Reviews (FTRs), and Well-Architected Lenses
  • Helping you identify immediate savings for your customers and empower ongoing management of AWS Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans (SPs) across all committable services
  • Modeling scenarios for private pricing (PPA) and enterprise discount (EDP) commitment burndown so your customers can accelerate negotiations with AWS

All at no cost to you or your customers.

We also share revenue when your customers choose to purchase our optional, short-term Guaranteed Reserved Instances (GRIs) and Guaranteed Savings Plans (GSPs), which attach an insurance contract to standard commitment purchases to enable terms as short as 30 days while delivering up to 50% savings over On Demand prices.

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