Storage Unpacked

Storage Unpacked

Sahil Armaan Kumar

A few weeks ago, our CEO Aran Khanna, appeared on the Storage Unpacked Podcast, hosted by Chris Evans and Martin Glassborow, to discuss how he identified the problems in cloud resource optimization, and his journey towards arriving at his unique solution through Archera.

Storage Unpacked is a technology podcast that primarily focuses on the storage industry, both in terms of exploring the mechanical functionality of a specific technology, and in terms of determining how at a higher-level the interplay of predominant storage technology affects business operations and infrastructure. Storage Unpacked podcasts often feature interviews/discussions with experts in the storage field to provide their listeners with a detailed and holistic understanding of the present storage industry.

The podcast begins with Aran’s time working at AWS and Azure, where he realized there existed a fundamental disconnect between companies looking to integrate cloud models to achieve their computing needs and their ability to feasibly do so in a cost-effective manner. Aran identified that this disconnect existed primarily because optimizing cloud consumption required large-scale backward looking price visibility in order to effectively predict capacity and allow customers to attain cheap, plentiful and available compute.

Listen to the podcast to learn how Aran teamed up with his brother, Nikhil Khanna, to create an automation forward solution that fills the gaps that exist in current approaches to managing cloud resources, ultimately costing teams precious time and money.

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