Data Leadership Sessions

Learn about Aran Khanna's appearance on the Data Leadership Sessions Podcast where he discussed his own unique journey of becoming a CS major and now entrepreneur, and also discussed some important cloud trends.

Sahil Armaan Kumar

Sahil Armaan KumarApr 11, 2022

Big Break Software

Learn how Archera CEO Aran Khanna came up with his MVP and developed the company into what it is today.

Sahil Armaan Kumar

Sahil Armaan KumarMar 31, 2022

Storage Unpacked

Learn about our recent appearance on the Storage Unpacked Podcast

Sahil Armaan Kumar

Sahil Armaan KumarMar 17, 2022

What is a net savings rate?

In this blog we will cover what the Net Savings Rate is, and why you should care about it.

Jim Gallagher

Jim Gallagher Mar 8, 2022

KPIs to Evaluate your Cloud Cost Management Strategy

There are many KPIs teams teams can choose to track and analyze, but the question remains - which KPIs are the most important?

Sarah Hussainy
Jim Gallagher

2 AuthorsMar 8, 2022

Cloud Service Provider Comparison: AWS, Azure, GCP

Learn about the differences in three major cloud services providers.

Sahil Armaan Kumar

Sahil Armaan KumarFeb 10, 2022

What are AWS Reserved Instances?

AWS Reserved Instances are a way to purchase AWS services at a discounted price.

Gene Volfe

Gene VolfeJan 13, 2022

Quant Led Cloud Resource Automation: When options trading and cloud commitment management collide

Learn more about CTO and Co-Founder Nikhil Khanna's background and how his experiences with financial modeling helped create Archera's platform.

Sahil Armaan Kumar

Sahil Armaan KumarDec 14, 2021

Recap of Major Announcements re:Invent 2021

Read for a quick recap and summary of major announcements during re:Invent 2021.

Sahil Armaan Kumar

Sahil Armaan KumarDec 10, 2021

What is AWS re:Invent?

Learn more about the re:Invent 2021 conference, and ways to participate virtually.

Sahil Armaan Kumar

Sahil Armaan KumarDec 1, 2021

What we learned deploying Vault and Consul on Kubernetes

Learn how our engineering team found a system for secret management that was open source and could work with our Kubernetes set up.

Bikramdeep Singh

Bikramdeep SinghNov 23, 2021

Accelerate cloud innovation

Gain flexibility and control over your cloud costs and commitments with Archera’s free purchasing and management platform and unique financial services.


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