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Sahil Armaan Kumar

Our CEO Aran Khanna appeared on the Big Break Software Podcast a few weeks ago to discuss how he came up with the idea for his MVP and how he funded it to help grow the company into what it is today.

Big Break Software is a podcast centered around exploring the many facets of building software companies. Hosted by Geordie Wardman, episodes traditionally feature conversations between Geordie and industry leaders or experts about their unique experiences developing software companies to help viewers understand the process from reliable sources with hands-on experience.

While working at AWS, Aran noticed that many companies who were pressed for resources looked for antiquated and inefficient solutions in terms of cloud resource management, from forming partnerships to conducting frequent meetings with AWS to attempt to reduce cloud spend. On the other hand, he saw the more sophisticated and resource-abundant customers take the approach of dedicating a team to automate cloud resource management, but this automation always remained in-house. Acknowledging the impact this automation could have, Aran left AWS and began crafting his MVP with Archera.

Continue listening to the podcast to learn why Aran feels like he was “born in the cloud”, and how his background helped him grow Archera into the company it is today, offering customers automatically generated commitment plans that are carefully constructed based on thorough analysis of company spending and workload requirements.

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