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Archera's Partner Tiers

Archera offers two customizable base-programs to allow any type or size partner to quickly deliver cost-saving wins for their end-customers & generate long-term recurring revenue.

Referral Tier

Most Streamlined

Partner registers & introduced leads, Archera handles all customer sales & support. Best for ISVs, Consultants & Regional SIs.


  • Recurring GRI & SaaS revenue share

  • Archera offers partner training to market & co-sell with out-of-the-box collateral

  • Archera handles customer sales, on-boarding & on-going support

  • Optional administrative partner access to end-customer Archera accounts

Co-Seller Tier

More Customizable

Partner pitches, on-boards & supports customers, Archera provides partner with tier-2 support. Best for MSPs, Resellers & Global SIs.


  • Increased recurring GRI & SaaS revenue share

  • Archera offers partner training & collateral to run marketing, sales & support motions

  • Archera offers support to partner in platform administration & billing

  • Archera offers Tier-2 end-customer support

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