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Archera is a cloud resource management software platform that automates forecasting, governing, and reserving AWS resources to streamline operations and lower your monthly bill.

Product Integration with AWS

Our platform easily integrates with AWS by connecting to your accounts with a read-only IAM role. If you sign up for Archera on the AWS Marketplace you can also streamline purchasing and payment.

Product Integration with AWS


We continuously collect your cost and utilization data directly from AWS and provide visibility over your AWS cloud infrastructure. This includes:

  • Real time cost-anomaly detection and alerting
  • Auto-tagging resources to help accurately attribute net costs & savings from complex billing instruments like EDPs & Savings Plans
  • Views of resource utilization and spending data by segments that make sense for your business such as by team, project or business unit.

Financial Planning

Archera can help you maximize savings, while minimizing risk of lock-in or wasted resources through creating optimized purchasing plans. Recommendations:

  • Use predictive modeling that incorporates historical usage and business forecast data to not only align with your current needs, but also future growth plans.
  • Consider every purchasing strategy – including blending instance type, flexibility options, term lengths, and upfront spend amount – to find maximum savings while maintaining flexibility.
Financial Planning

Reserved Instance Buybacks

Archera provides guaranteed buy-backs of Reserved Instances through Guaranteed Reserved Instances (GRIs) so your team never has to worry about wasting spend on unutilized resources.

Reserved Instance Buybacks

Automated Commitment Management

You can set up automatic renewals for resources instead of manually executing them one by one as they expire. Our auto-exchange & resale feature constantly analyzes your commitments to identify additional savings that can be provided through exchanges or resale on the AWS RI marketplace.

Automated Commitment Management
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