Data Leadership Sessions

Data Leadership Sessions

Sahil Armaan Kumar

Our CEO Aran Khanna recently appeared on the Data Leadership Lessons podcast, where he discussed his own unique journey of becoming a CS major and now entrepreneur, as well as some cloud based trends and organizational decisions centered specifically around data management

Data Leadership Lessons is a technical podcast that focuses on data-centric material. Hosted by Anthony Algmin, most podcasts are in the form of an interview where Anthony will be joined by an expert as a guest on the show to discuss important questions pertaining to the impacts of sizable data and how best to handle it.

Aran discusses his early background and how he went from being on the medical track with absolutely no coding knowledge to co-founding a startup focused on using machine learning to provide their clients with higher savings at lower risks. He also talks about how some big-name companies like Facebook have been mishandling client data and security for years, and the implications of such large-scale data collection and distribution.

Tune in to the podcast to continue learning how Aran branched off from the backwards-thinking data collection based payment tools/models that he once recommended clients while working at AWS, to the more sophisticated prediction based model that is at the heart of Archera.

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